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A medieval fortress

Le rempart et la tour des masques et vue sur la ville de Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon

Fort Saint-André is the archetypal medieval fortress.

Fort Saint-André is the archetypal defensive fortress of the medieval era. Built 68 meters above sea level, it was strategically placed to watch over the surrounding area and protect the kingdom of France from possible enemy invasion.

The fortress consists of a 700 meter long enclosure, defended by towers, including a powerful châtelet: two cylindrical towers flank the fort's only entrance. This is a typical feature of 14th century constructions, such as those at Carcassonne or Aigues-Mortes ...

Vue du ciel du Fort Saint-André, ses remparts, les 5 tours et le châtelet d'entrée
Vue du ciel du fort Saint-André

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The twin towers forming the entrance châtelet are crenellated and equipped with machicolations.  for throwing projectiles. And no, we didn't use boiling oil as the novels tell us!

The entrance is also protected by a barbican  a drawbridge, two portcullises, two archways and a stunner . Everything needed to prevent the enemy from entering the enclosure.

le châtelet d'entrée avec ses tours crénelés
Le châtelet d'entrée

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Five other towers punctuate the enclosure at strategic points, providing the widest possible view. Like the twin towers, they are crenellated and fitted with machicolations. Today, four of these to wers are in ruins. the tower of the masks survives in its entirety.

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